League History

In 1981 a group of hockey-loving West Mall Minor Hockey Association volunteers would get together every Saturday for a game of pick-up at Centennial Arena in Etobicoke. By the following year the number of players had grown large enough that the idea occurred to them to create an Oldtimers league.

Led by Bernie Ginger, players were appointed to help compile the rules and elect an Executive Committee. The league was incorporated in 1982 and began with four teams, named: "Kiddy Hawks", "Nite Caps", "Rebels" and the "EH Team". That same year the first Rep team was formed called the "Slow Pokes".

In 1984 the League added two more teams and switched to Sunday evenings at Centennial where it has played ever since. The League now has 12 teams with 200 players ranging in age from 35 to 80, plus four Affiliate teams.

The major reason for the League’s continued success is that it creates a hockey-playing environment where adult players can re-discover the game the way it’s meant to be played: for fun, fitness and fellowship.