WMO Christmas Tournament Rules


  1. Dressing rooms must be vacated within 30 minutes following each game. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages allowed in the dressing rooms, by order of the Arena, Parks and Recreation Board.
  2. Dressing rooms will be locked and unlocked by the Tournament Committee. The arena or the Tournament Committee will not be responsible for the loss or damage of personal items. Please make sure for your own safety that valuables are secured elsewhere.
  3. Players agree to assume all liability for any injury or loss of personal property during the tournament. The arena or the Tournament Committee will not be held responsible for any injuries or losses.
  4. Teams should report for their games at least one-half hour early, as every attempt will be made to start the games on time (according to the tournament schedule).
  5. All game sheets must be signed by the team official before each game begins. Make sure that all players on the game sheet are playing in that game, as this will be checked by the time-keepers.
  6. Teams are not permitted on the ice until the zamboni is finished flooding and the gates are closed.
  7. Any physical abuse of officials or tournament personnel by players or coaching staff will result in the suspension of the player and/or team in question from the tournament. This also means forfeiting the entry fee.
  8. Players who are obviously intoxicated to the point where they will create a hazard for themselves or to others will not be permitted to play. It is the responsibility of the coaches and managers to ensure the safety of their players and the players on the opposing team by refusing to allow any player who is intoxicated to dress for the game.
  9. Length of Games -- All games will be 3 periods stop time (2- ten minutes and 1-12 twelve minute periods).
  10. Age -- Depending on which is applicable...

    All players must be 40 years of age or older as of December 31, 2012. Proof of age must be provided upon request.

    All players must be 50 years of age or older as of December 31, 2012. Proof of age must be provided upon request.

    Players in the 50+ division who are under 50 years of age as of December 31, 2012, must have approval of the tournament committee prior to playing any games.

  11. Championship Eligibility - A player must participate in 2 of his team's 3 round robin games to be eligible for the CHAMPIONSHIP Game.

    Goalies -- Any team(s) that cannot ice a goaltender because of sudden illness, injury received from tournament play or other reason(s) that must be verified with the Tournament Committee, will use a goalie chosen by the Tournament Committee.


  1. Length -- Minor -- 2 minutes stop time, 3 minutes running time.
      Major -- 5 minutes stop time, 7 minutes running time. Any player receiving a Major penalty is ejected from that game.
      Misconduct -- 10 minutes stop time, 14 minutes running time.
  2. BODY CONTACT -- Any player who intentionally pushes, shoves, stands in front of and does not avoid body contact with an opponent will be assessed a 2 minute body contact penalty. When the attacking player is skating toward the defending player, the defending player has the right to maintain his position. In this case, the attacking player must avoid body contact.
  3. SLAP SHOT -- Any player who uses a slap shot will be given a 2 minute penalty. This is a discretion call made by the referee.
  4. HIGH STICK -- A 2 minute penalty will be called if contact is made with the puck while stick is above his shoulders.
  5. FIGHTING -- Any player(s) called for fighting will be assessed a game misconduct penalty, and will be expelled from the tournament. His team will play short-handed for 5 minutes.
  6. MATCH -- A match penalty will be assessed for butt ending, spearing, kicking or attempt to injure. Any match penalty assessed will terminate the eligibility of the player(s) to participate further in the tournament.
  7. In addition to the above, this tournament will be played under CARHA Rules. Goalies must wear a CSA approved Helmet.


  1. POINT STANDINGS -- In round robin, games won will be awarded 2 points, while tied games will be awarded 1 point. Top 2 teams in each division will meet for the Championship.
    1. Their record against each other (if it applies).
    2. Better plus-minus.
    3. Most goals for.
    4. Least goals against.
    5. Least penalty minutes.
    6. Team with the best turn out for events upstairs in the Lounge.
    7. Team that buys the Tournament Committee the most drinks.
  2. OFFSIDE -- "Clear the Zone" applies. If further explanation is desired, consult referees before game starts.
  3. MERCY RULE -- A goal differential of 5 in the 3rd period, will result in the remainder of the game being played in running time, running time will continue to apply even if the goal differential become less than 5.
  4. DISQUALIFICATION -- Any player assessed 3 minor penalties in a game will be expelled from that game, and the 3rd penalty must be served by another team member.
  5. CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES -- If teams are tied at the end of regulation play, sudden victory overtime will be played all stop time as follows:
    1. A one (1) minute break will take place before the start of overtime.
    2. The teams will change ends and players must change on the fly, NOT at a stoppage in play.

    They will then play:

    A 2 minute period with 4 skaters each, followed immediately and if necessary by

    A 2 minute period with 3 skaters each, followed immediately and if necessary by

    An unlimited period with 2 skaters each until a legal goal is scored.

    Any team penalized during the game, including overtime, must serve its penalty in the habitual manner. If a team has to serve, partially or in full, a penalty when playing 2 on 2, the penalized player will serve his penalty and the opposing team will add 1 player on the ice, giving his team a 3 on 2 advantage. At the conclusion of his penalty, the penalized player will return to the ice and play will continue at 3 on 3 until the next stoppage of play, at which time both teams will return to 2 on 2. Coincidental penalties cancel each other.


  1. SWEATER COLOUR -- During round robin and Consolation play, where 2 teams can't agree on which colour sweaters to wear, the Visitors team will be given first choice of which colour they prefer.

    Where 2 teams can't agree on which colour sweaters to wear in the Championship round, it shall be determined by a coin toss.


A pay bar will be available upstairs in the Lounges while the Tournament is on.

Tournament Committee Members will be more than happy to answer all questions and inquiries. All committee decisions shall be final.