2005 Christmas Tournament Results

To all the volunteers, workers, players and especially to everyone who donated prizes THANK YOU for making our 2005 Christmas Tournament the best ever. Through your support and dedication we raised a record $16,000.00 for Rose Cherry's Home for Kids.

Cheque from West Mall Oldtimers

Lucky Draw Winners

1. Paul Gilkenson TV
2. Roberta Jones His & Hers Golf Clubs
3. Bruce Elliott McCabe Jersey
4. Cathy Despotis Ruth's Chrise Steak House Voucher
5. Mike Bird DVD/VCR Combo Player

Participating Teams
Aurora SalonLabatts Blue (A 50+)
Bramalea Old BoyzBudweiser (E 35+)
Brampton Looking BackLabatts Ice (C 50+)
Brampton Old SealsCopper (D 35+)
Campbell's Old SoupiesCopper (D 35+)
Casey's Neva SweatsLabatts Blue (A 50+)
ClarksonGenuine Draft (C 35+)
CMSGenuine Draft (C 35+)
Colonel's Old BoysBlue Light (B 50+)
Cooksville Snow CapsLabatts Ice (C 50+)
Downsview Car ClubGenuine Draft (C 35+)
Etobicoke OldtimersBlue Light (B 50+)
Heart Ake OldtimersCopper (D 35+)
Humber Valley OldtimersBlue Light (B 50+)
Kingsway CanadiansLabatts Blue (A 50+)
Mississauga Ice DogsBudweiser (E 35+)
Mississauga LynxBudweiser (E 35+)
Mississauga ShootersCARHA (B 35+)
Mississauga St. PatsBlue Light (B 50+)
NorsemenBudweiser (E 35+)
RaidersCARHA (B 35+)
Reservoir DogsGenuine Draft (C 35+)
Rouge Valley SelectsLabatts Ice (C 50+)
Tri-City OldtimersLabatts Blue (A 50+)
VinnysCARHA (B 35+)
Wednesday BluesCopper (D 35+)
West Mall Golden OldiesLabatts Ice (C 50+)
West Mall TurtlesCARHA (B 35+)

Round Robin

Monday, December 26, 2005
10:00Labatts Ice (C 50+)0West Mall Golden OldiesvsRouge Valley Selects8
10:15CARHA (B 35+)2West Mall TurtlesvsVinnys5
11:00Labatts Blue (A 50+)7Tri-City OldtimersvsKingsway Canadians1
11:15Labatts Ice (C 50+)0Cooksville Snow CapsvsBrampton Looking Back1
12:00Blue Light (B 50+)2Mississauga St. PatsvsHumber Valley Oldtimers1
12:15Blue Light (B 50+)4Etobicoke OldtimersvsColonel's Old Boys2
13:00Labatts Blue (A 50+)4Casey's Neva SweatsvsAurora Salon3
13:15CARHA (B 35+)2Mississauga ShootersvsRaiders5
14:00Budweiser (E 35+)5Mississauga LynxvsBramalea Old Boyz2
14:15Genuine Draft (C 35+)5Reservoir DogsvsDownsview Car Club2
15:00Budweiser (E 35+)2NorsemenvsMississauga Ice Dogs2
15:15Copper (D 35+)2Wednesday BluesvsBrampton Old Seals3
16:00Genuine Draft (C 35+)4CMSvsClarkson2
16:15Copper (D 35+)1Campbell's Old SoupiesvsHeart Ake Oldtimers1
17:00Labatts Ice (C 50+)1Rouge Valley SelectsvsCooksville Snow Caps0
17:15Blue Light (B 50+)3Mississauga St. PatsvsColonel's Old Boys3
18:00Labatts Blue (A 50+)2Kingsway CanadiansvsCasey's Neva Sweats4
18:15Blue Light (B 50+)1Humber Valley OldtimersvsEtobicoke Oldtimers1
19:00CARHA (B 35+)5RaidersvsWest Mall Turtles4
19:15CARHA (B 35+)2VinnysvsMississauga Shooters1

Tuesday, December 27, 2005
09:00Labatts Ice (C 50+)2West Mall Golden OldiesvsBrampton Looking Back7
09:15Budweiser (E 35+)1NorsemenvsBramalea Old Boyz1
10:00Copper (D 35+)4Heart Ake OldtimersvsBrampton Old Seals1
10:15Budweiser (E 35+)3Mississauga Ice DogsvsMississauga Lynx2
11:00Copper (D 35+)2Wednesday BluesvsCampbell's Old Soupies4
11:15Labatts Blue (A 50+)3Tri-City OldtimersvsAurora Salon1
12:00Genuine Draft (C 35+)5Reservoir DogsvsClarkson1
12:15Genuine Draft (C 35+)2Downsview Car ClubvsCMS6
13:00CARHA (B 35+)2Mississauga ShootersvsWest Mall Turtles6
13:15CARHA (B 35+)1RaidersvsVinnys4
14:00Blue Light (B 50+)1Etobicoke OldtimersvsMississauga St. Pats0
14:15Blue Light (B 50+)3Colonel's Old BoysvsHumber Valley Oldtimers2
15:00Labatts Ice (C 50+)5Brampton Looking BackvsRouge Valley Selects3
15:15Budweiser (E 35+)2Bramalea Old BoyzvsMississauga Ice Dogs6
16:00Budweiser (E 35+)5Mississauga LynxvsNorsemen0
16:15Labatts Blue (A 50+)3Aurora SalonvsKingsway Canadians3
17:00Labatts Blue (A 50+)2Casey's Neva SweatsvsTri-City Oldtimers2
17:15Labatts Ice (C 50+)1Cooksville Snow CapsvsWest Mall Golden Oldies2
18:00Copper (D 35+)5Brampton Old SealsvsCampbell's Old Soupies0
18:15Genuine Draft (C 35+)2ClarksonvsDownsview Car Club5
19:00Copper (D 35+)0Heart Ake OldtimersvsWednesday Blues2
19:15Genuine Draft (C 35+)1CMSvsReservoir Dogs3

Round Robin Rankings

CARHA (B 35+)
3West Mall Turtles21212
4Mississauga Shooters0513

Genuine Draft (C 35+)
1Reservoir Dogs6134
3Downsview Car Club2913

Copper (D 35+)
1Brampton Old Seals496
2Heart Ake Oldtimers354
3Campbell's Old Soupies358
4Wednesday Blues267

Budweiser (E 35+)
1Mississauga Ice Dogs5116
2Mississauga Lynx4125
4Bramalea Old Boyz1512

Labatts Blue (A 50+)
1Tri-City Oldtimers5124
2Casey's Neva Sweats5107
3Aurora Salon1710
4Kingsway Canadians1614

Blue Light (B 50+)
1Etobicoke Oldtimers563
2Mississauga St. Pats355
3Colonel's Old Boys389
4Humber Valley Oldtimers146

Labatts Ice (C 50+)
1Brampton Looking Back6135
2Rouge Valley Selects4125
3West Mall Golden Oldies2416
4Cooksville Snow Caps014

Consolation Round

Wednesday, December 28, 2005
14:00Labatts Ice (C 50+)1West Mall Golden OldiesvsCooksville Snow Caps4
15:00Blue Light (B 50+)1Colonel's Old BoysvsHumber Valley Oldtimers5
16:00Labatts Blue (A 50+)8Aurora SalonvsKingsway Canadians4
17:00Budweiser (E 35+)2NorsemenvsBramalea Old Boyz1
18:00Copper (D 35+)5Campbell's Old SoupiesvsWednesday Blues1
19:00Genuine Draft (C 35+)6Downsview Car ClubvsClarkson4
20:00CARHA (B 35+)3West Mall TurtlesvsMississauga Shooters2

Championship Round

Wednesday, December 28, 2005
14:15Labatts Ice (C 50+)1Brampton Looking BackvsRouge Valley Selects2
15:15Blue Light (B 50+)3Etobicoke OldtimersvsMississauga St. Pats2
16:15Labatts Blue (A 50+)5Tri-City OldtimersvsCasey's Neva Sweats2
17:15Budweiser (E 35+)3Mississauga Ice DogsvsMississauga Lynx0
18:15Copper (D 35+)4Brampton Old SealsvsHeart Ake Oldtimers3
19:15Genuine Draft (C 35+)2Reservoir DogsvsCMS3
20:15CARHA (B 35+)3VinnysvsRaiders2