2006 Christmas Tournament Results

To all the volunteers, workers, players and especially to everyone who donated prizes THANK YOU for continuing to make our Christmas tournament a major success for charity, 2006 was no exception. Through your support and dedication we raised $13,000.00 for Rose Cherry's Home for Kids.

Cheque for $13,000 presented to Rose Cherry's Home for Kids from The West Mall Oldtimers

Participating Teams

Aurora SalonLabatts Blue (A 50+)
Bramalea Old Boyz'Budweiser (45+)
Brampton Looking BackLabatts Ice (C 50+)
Brampton Old SealsBudweiser (45+)
Brampton SealsLabatts Copper (40+)
C.M.S.Genuine Draft (C 35+)
Campbell's Old SoupiesLabatts Copper (40+)
Casey's Neva SweatsLabatts Blue (A 50+)
Clarkson OldtimersLabatts Copper (40+)
Colonel's Old BoysLabatts Blue Light (B 50+)
Dusty StyxGenuine Draft (C 35+)
Etobicoke OldtimersLabatts Blue Light (B 50+)
Heart Ake OldtimersBudweiser (45+)
Humber Valley OldtimersLabatts Ice (C 50+)
Mississauga Ice CapsLabatts Copper (40+)
Mississauga LynxLabatts Blue (A 50+)
Mississauga ShootersGenuine Draft (C 35+)
Mississauga St. PatsLabatts Blue Light (B 50+)
RaidersCARHA (B 35+)
Reservoir DogsCARHA (B 35+)
Richmond Hill Over The HillLabatts Ice (C 50+)
Rouge Valley SelectsLabatts Blue Light (B 50+)
Tri City DinosorassesLabatts Blue (A 50+)
VinnysCARHA (B 35+)
Wednesday BluesBudweiser (45+)
West Mall FossilsGenuine Draft (C 35+)
West Mall Golden OldiesLabatts Ice (C 50+)
West Mall TurtlesCARHA (B 35+)

Round Robin

Tuesday, December 26, 2006
09:00Labatts Ice (C 50+)2Humber Valley OldtimersvsWest Mall Golden Oldies3
09:15CARHA (B 35+)5RaidersvsReservoir Dogs2
10:00Labatts Blue (A 50+)1Mississauga LynxvsTri City Dinosorasses3
10:15Labatts Ice (C 50+)2Brampton Looking BackvsRichmond Hill Over The Hill1
11:00Labatts Blue Light (B 50+)6Rouge Valley SelectsvsMississauga St. Pats4
11:15Labatts Blue Light (B 50+)2Colonel's Old BoysvsEtobicoke Oldtimers0
12:00Labatts Blue (A 50+)3Aurora SalonvsCasey's Neva Sweats1
12:15Labatts Copper (40+)5Brampton SealsvsClarkson Oldtimers2
13:00Budweiser (45+)3Bramalea Old Boyz'vsBrampton Old Seals0
13:15Budweiser (45+)5Heart Ake OldtimersvsWednesday Blues2
14:00Labatts Copper (40+)2Campbell's Old SoupiesvsMississauga Ice Caps6
14:15Genuine Draft (C 35+)2C.M.S.vsDusty Styx6
15:00Labatts Ice (C 50+)2Brampton Looking BackvsWest Mall Golden Oldies3
15:15Genuine Draft (C 35+)2Mississauga ShootersvsWest Mall Fossils2
16:00CARHA (B 35+)2Reservoir DogsvsVinnys4
16:15Labatts Blue Light (B 50+)2Colonel's Old BoysvsMississauga St. Pats4
17:00Labatts Blue (A 50+)3Casey's Neva SweatsvsMississauga Lynx3
17:15Labatts Blue Light (B 50+)1Etobicoke OldtimersvsRouge Valley Selects0
18:00Labatts Copper (40+)3Brampton SealsvsMississauga Ice Caps2
18:15Labatts Ice (C 50+)1Richmond Hill Over The HillvsHumber Valley Oldtimers4
19:00Labatts Copper (40+)4Clarkson OldtimersvsCampbell's Old Soupies3
19:15Budweiser (45+)6Bramalea Old Boyz'vsWednesday Blues1
20:00CARHA (B 35+)4RaidersvsWest Mall Turtles4
20:15Budweiser (45+)1Brampton Old SealsvsHeart Ake Oldtimers5
Wednesday, December 27, 2006
13:00Budweiser (45+)4Heart Ake OldtimersvsBramalea Old Boyz'0
13:15Labatts Blue (A 50+)3Aurora SalonvsTri City Dinosorasses3
14:00Genuine Draft (C 35+)1Dusty StyxvsMississauga Shooters3
14:15CARHA (B 35+)2West Mall TurtlesvsVinnys4
15:00Budweiser (45+)5Wednesday BluesvsBrampton Old Seals3
15:15Genuine Draft (C 35+)0C.M.S.vsWest Mall Fossils0
16:00Labatts Blue Light (B 50+)6Mississauga St. PatsvsEtobicoke Oldtimers2
16:15Labatts Blue Light (B 50+)1Rouge Valley SelectsvsColonel's Old Boys1
17:00Labatts Ice (C 50+)5Humber Valley OldtimersvsBrampton Looking Back0
17:15Labatts Ice (C 50+)3West Mall Golden OldiesvsRichmond Hill Over The Hill2
18:00Labatts Copper (40+)3Campbell's Old SoupiesvsBrampton Seals7
18:15Labatts Copper (40+)0Mississauga Ice CapsvsClarkson Oldtimers2
19:00Labatts Blue (A 50+)4Tri City DinosorassesvsCasey's Neva Sweats2
19:15Labatts Blue (A 50+)5Mississauga LynxvsAurora Salon5
20:00CARHA (B 35+)5VinnysvsRaiders1
20:15Genuine Draft (C 35+)4West Mall FossilsvsDusty Styx3
21:00Genuine Draft (C 35+)1Mississauga ShootersvsC.M.S.3
21:15CARHA (B 35+)5West Mall TurtlesvsReservoir Dogs7

Round Robin Rankings

CARHA (B 35+)
3Reservoir Dogs21114-390
4West Mall Turtles11115-421

Genuine Draft (C 35+)
1West Mall Fossils465190
3Mississauga Shooters366020
4Dusty Styx2109136

Labatts Copper (40+)
1Brampton Seals6157830
2Clarkson Oldtimers488040
3Mississauga Ice Caps28718
4Campbell's Old Soupies0817-930

Budweiser (45+)
1Heart Ake Oldtimers6143114
2Bramalea Old Boyz'495421
3Wednesday Blues2814-614
4Brampton Old Seals0413-912

Labatts Blue (A 50+)
1Tri City Dinosorasses5106416
2Aurora Salon4119246
3Mississauga Lynx2911-219
4Casey's Neva Sweats1610-44

Labatts Blue Light (B 50+)
1Mississauga St. Pats41410412
2Rouge Valley Selects376116
3Colonel's Old Boys35508
4Etobicoke Oldtimers238-518

Labatts Ice (C 50+)
1West Mall Golden Oldies696312
2Humber Valley Oldtimers411478
3Brampton Looking Back249-56
4Richmond Hill Over The Hill049-512

Championship Round

Thursday, December 28, 2006
17:00Labatts Ice (C 50+)1West Mall Golden OldiesvsHumber Valley Oldtimers6
17:15Labatts Blue Light (B 50+)3Mississauga St. PatsvsRouge Valley Selects1
18:00Budweiser (45+)3Heart Ake OldtimersvsBramalea Old Boyz'1
18:15Labatts Blue (A 50+)1Tri City DinosorassesvsAurora Salon4
19:00Labatts Copper (40+)4Brampton SealsvsClarkson Oldtimers1
19:15Genuine Draft (C 35+)0West Mall FossilsvsC.M.S.4
20:15CARHA (B 35+)2VinnysvsRaiders3