2007 Christmas Tournament

Lucky Draw Winners

1. Mike Rorestell 32" LCD Television
2. Bob Murrant JVC GPS Navigation System
3. Donald Sly Maple Leafe Gold Hockey Tickets
4. Sue Travanut Autographed Darcy Tucker Jersey
5. Janxes Maple Leaf Green Hockey Tickets

Toonie Draw Winners

1. Rick Jablonski Pair of Gold Leaf Tickets
2. Cal Roberts Tampa Bay Lightning Goalie Stick signed by all their players

Round Robin

Wednesday, December 26, 2007
08:30Labatts Genuine Draft (C 35+)1Dusty StyxvsC.M.S.2
09:00Labatts Genuine Draft (C 35+)4West Mall TurtlesvsGuiness1
09:30Labatts Blue (A 50+)6Aurora SalonvsBrampton Old Seals1
10:00Labatts Blue (A 50+)3Mississauga LynxvsTri City Dinosorasses6
10:30Labatts Blue Light (B 50+)1Casey's Neva SweatsvsColenel's Old Boy's2
11:00Labatts Copper (40+)3Clarkson OldtimersvsWest Mall Fossils3
11:30Labatts Copper (40+)4Brampton SealsvsCampbell's Old Soupies0
12:00Labatts Blue Light (B 50+)3Humber Valley OldtimersvsRouge Valley Selects2
12:30CARHA (B 35+)3California'svsRaiders2
13:00CARHA (B 35+)1Reservoir Dog'svsVINNY’S3
13:30Budweiser (45+)2Bramalea Old Boyz'vsHeart Ake Oldtimers2
14:00Budweiser (45+)5Mississauga Ice CapsvsWednesday Blues3
14:30Labatts Blue (A 50+)4Tri City DinosorassesvsAurora Salon3
15:00Labatts Ice (C 50+)1Richmond Hill Over The HillvsWest Mall Golden Oldies3
15:30Labatts Blue Light (B 50+)3Rouge Valley SelectsvsCasey's Neva Sweats3
16:00Labatts Copper (40+)4Campbell's Old SoupiesvsClarkson Oldtimers5
16:30Labatts Ice (C 50+)0Brampton Looking BackvsEtobicoke Oldtimers2
17:00Labatts Blue Light (B 50+)0Colenel's Old Boy'svsHumber Valley Oldtimers6
17:30Labatts Copper (40+)3West Mall FossilsvsBrampton Seals3
18:00Labatts Blue (A 50+)1Brampton Old SealsvsMississauga Lynx7
18:30Labatts Genuine Draft (C 35+)6C.M.S.vsWest Mall Turtles0
19:00Budweiser (45+)2Heart Ake OldtimersvsMississauga Ice Caps3
19:30CARHA (B 35+)4VINNY’SvsCalifornia's5
20:00CARHA (B 35+)6RaidersvsReservoir Dog's3
20:30Budweiser (45+)1Wednesday BluesvsBramalea Old Boyz'3
21:00Labatts Genuine Draft (C 35+)3GuinessvsDusty Styx5
Thursday, December 27, 2007
13:00Labatts Ice (C 50+)4West Mall Golden OldiesvsBrampton Looking Back3
13:30Labatts Ice (C 50+)2Etobicoke OldtimersvsRichmond Hill Over The Hill0
14:00Labatts Blue Light (B 50+)1Humber Valley OldtimersvsCasey's Neva Sweats3
14:30Labatts Blue Light (B 50+)7Rouge Valley SelectsvsColenel's Old Boy's2
15:00Labatts Blue (A 50+)3Mississauga LynxvsAurora Salon7
15:30Labatts Blue (A 50+)8Tri City DinosorassesvsBrampton Old Seals3
16:00Labatts Genuine Draft (C 35+)2GuinessvsC.M.S.6
16:30CARHA (B 35+)3VINNY’SvsRaiders1
17:00CARHA (B 35+)4Reservoir Dog'svsCalifornia's2
17:30Labatts Copper (40+)5West Mall FossilsvsCampbell's Old Soupies1
18:00Labatts Copper (40+)3Clarkson OldtimersvsBrampton Seals1
18:30Labatts Genuine Draft (C 35+)2West Mall TurtlesvsDusty Styx5
19:00Budweiser (45+)3Mississauga Ice CapsvsBramalea Old Boyz'4
19:30Budweiser (45+)3Wednesday BluesvsHeart Ake Oldtimers5
20:00Labatts Ice (C 50+)6Brampton Looking BackvsRichmond Hill Over The Hill3
20:30Labatts Ice (C 50+)1Etobicoke OldtimersvsWest Mall Golden Oldies1

Round Robin Rankings

CARHA (B 35+)
3Reservoir Dog's2811-333

Labatts Genuine Draft (C 35+)
2Dusty Styx4117416
3West Mall Turtles2612-614

Labatts Copper (40+)
1Clarkson Oldtimers5118324
2West Mall Fossils4117418
3Brampton Seals386216
4Campbell's Old Soupies0514-920

Budweiser (45+)
1Bramalea Old Boyz'596328
2Mississauga Ice Caps4119234
3Heart Ake Oldtimers398124
4Wednesday Blues0713-614

Labatts Blue (A 50+)
1Tri City Dinosorasses6189916
2Aurora Salon4168819
3Mississauga Lynx21314-110
4Brampton Old Seals0521-168

Labatts Blue Light (B 50+)
1Humber Valley Oldtimers410558
2Rouge Valley Selects3128424
3Casey's Neva Sweats376112
4Colenel's Old Boy's2414-106

Labatts Ice (C 50+)
1West Mall Golden Oldies58534
2Etobicoke Oldtimers551428
3Brampton Looking Back299012
4Richmond Hill Over The Hill0411-710

Championship Round

Friday, December 28, 2007
16:00Labatts Ice (C 50+)5Etobicoke OldtimersvsWest Mall Golden Oldies3
16:30Labatts Blue Light (B 50+)5Humber Valley OldtimersvsRouge Valley Selects2
17:00Budweiser (45+)1Bramalea Old Boyz'vsMississauga Ice Caps2
17:30Labatts Blue (A 50+)5Tri City DinosorassesvsAurora Salon1
18:00Labatts Copper (40+)1Clarkson OldtimersvsWest Mall Fossils3
18:30Labatts Genuine Draft (C 35+)1C.M.S.vsDusty Styx4
19:30CARHA (B 35+)7California'svsVINNY’S4